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BJJ is like any other sport…

“Offense Scores Points, But DEFENSE Wins Championships”

Let’s face it: the way we train is all about offense. We want to learn sweeps, setups and submissions. Heck, we’ll even settle for guard passing and transitions into submissions. But… there is a part of the game that is sorely lacking for most competitors – it’s an area that almost no one studies or trains… Escapes.

So what is more important: Submissions or escapes? The answer: Escapes! Because it doesn’t matter how good you are at putting on submissions if you’ve already tapped out!

Here is another question: what escape would you use if you really had to get out of an Omaplata, a triangle or side control position from a bigger and stronger wrestler? Could you do it? How helpless would it feel knowing you could tap this person out if you could only escape the submission hold or bad spot you were in? Imagine how many more matches or rolls you would win if you were comfortable getting out of anything!

Good Escapes Make You More Confident

When you are comfortable that you can escape anything you will roll looser. If you get swept by a more skilled opponent, the “ride” down as you are taking the sweep feels like you are falling off a cliff in slow motion: just agonizing. Why? Because we know we are beaten? This guy is better than us – once he is in top control, there is no getting him off or getting back to an offensive position. It is a powerless feeling…

When you feel good about your escapes however, getting swept is an entirely different feeling – because you know things like this can happen and you can say to yourself “Ok, not the end of the world here – let’s get back to a good spot,” and you do. The feeling goes from “Noooo!!!!!” when your escapes aren’t great to “Ok, no problem, let’s get those points back” when your escape game is on point.

Escapes Aren’t About Will – They Are About Skill

If you are caught in a bad submission, the absolute worst thing you can do is try to power out of it. Think back to UFC 48, Tim Sylvia vs Frank Mir. Mir – a BJJ Brown Belt at the time – was defending his UFC title against Sylvia. At one point, Mir transitioned into a straight armlock from his guard and Sylvia had one little problem, he didn’t know how to get out of it so he tried to tough it out… Huge Mistake:

Sylvia’s arm snapped like a twig, he lost he fight and needed surgery to put a metal plate in his arm. This is not what you want – obviously.

Sylvia – like most UFC guys – didn’t have a high level of BJJ Skill. He tried to power out of it and almost ruined his career. Had he known how to escape – it is very likely he could have gotten out and later won the fight as he had a huge size advantage and superior striking.

There is No Such Thing As An Inescapable Submission

Anyone can escape any submission – none of them are foolproof. Now let’s be realistic. If a bigger, stronger guy gets you in a rear naked choke with hooks in and the choke sunk in deep, or if you get stuck in a straight armlock with your arm extended there may be no one who can help you. But here’s te thing – If you are truly skilled at escaping positions and submissions you won’t let it get that far – you will start escaping long before a choke or an armlock is sunk. Will it work 100% on day one? No – of course not, but you can improve your escaping ability very quickly because NO ONE EVER TRAINS ESCAPES!!!

Escaping Bad Positions Hurts Your Opponents’ Confidence

As your opponent is going for his favorite move – armlock, choke, footlock, whatever it may be – they are thinking “Yeah, this is over..” But as you turn the tables and escape the position they experience a far different feeling. Like “Oh SH*T – I can’t tap this guy!” In any sport, if your opponent throws his best shot and you successfully defend it – it saps their strength and places some doubt in their mind. BJJ is no different and perhaps it is even more important because no one escapes bad positions very often.

Escaping Bad Positions Improves Your Offense

Once you know the proper way to escape positions you can focus on tightening up your own offense – to counter the counters. Once you know the only way out of a straight armbar once the arm is extended (opponent rolling their thumb down and walking out of it) – you will know exactly where on the opponent’s hand to grab the armlock when you are applying it. If you know the way out of an Omaplata – you will know where to fight your opponent’s grips – same with chokes and footlocks.

No More Frustrations with Mr. Lay & Pray

We all know the guy – he is a former wrestler or a football player and when he passes, he just STAYS there… It is so frustrating. Well when you are excellent at escaping side control and north/south – he will be back in your guard or rolled under your side control real quick…

So you now know you NEED to train on your Escapes. But how?


“Escapes From Everywhere”

A 4 DVD Set by 2015 Super Heavyweight and Open Class Black Belt Brazilian Jiu JItsu Champion Bernardo Faria.

Bernardo is a 5 time Black Belt World Champion – think about that for a second.. He’s won five.. – America has only ever won two. So it is safe to say that his escapes are very solid. He knows how to get out of anything and pretty much always does.

When Bernardo is on the mat, he flows very loosely. While he never wants to get into a bad position – he knows it can happen. When he fought Braulio Estima at the World Championships in 2014 – he fell victim to 2 of Braulio’s sweeps. Braulio is one of the best fighters of all time but if you watch the tape – as Bernardo was being swept for a second time and now losing halfway through the match – he wasn’t worried and he wasn’t panicking. He knew he would escape and get back to a good position. When he landed on his back he was down 4-2. He ended up winning 26-4. When you are good at escapes the match is never “over” until it is over..

So What Is On “Escapes From Anywhere?”

On this 4 DVD Set, Bernardo empties his mind on escaping from any position. This is the exact recipe he uses. He likes deep half guard and many of the escapes end up there, but even if you don’t love that position, this set will still help you to escape from anywhere…

So What Will You Learn?


  Mount Escape Principles

  Elbow Escape From Mount

  High Mount Escape

  Escape From Mount to Deep Half Guard

  Escape From Mount With an Underhook to Deep Half Guard

  Bridge Mount Escape

  Bridge From Under Mount to Elbow Escape

  Escape From Mount to One Leg x Guard

  Counter to the Elbow Escape

  Back Escape Principles

  Basic Escape from Back Mount to Z Guard

  Back Escape to Half Guard


  Back Escape To Deep Half Guard

  Body Triangle Escape

  Back Choke Escape

  Preventing Opponents’ Leg To Trap Your Arm While In Back Control

  Turtle Escape Principles

  Basic Turtle Escape

  Turtle Escape

  Rolling Escape From Turtle With One Hook In

  Side Control Escape Principles

  Basic Side Control Escape

  Side Control Escape To Single Leg

  Side Control Escape To Deep Half Guard


  Side Control Escape ROlling The Opponent To North South

  Side Control Escape When Opponent Has Both Hands On One Side

  100 Kilo Position Escape

  Side Control Escape From Torriando

  Side Control Rolling Away From Opponent

  North South Escape

  Knee Bar From Over / Under Brother

  North South Escape Opponent Has Both Arms Over

  North South Escape When Opponent Has Over/Under

  Kimura Escape From Deep Half Guard

  Kimura Escape From Deep Deep Half Guard

  Darce/Arm Triangle Escape


  Avoiding The Straight Arm Bar From Closed Guard

  Basic Arm Bar Escape when The Opponent Break The Grip

  Arm Bar Escape Stacking

  Arm Lock Escape To Deep Half

  Triangle Escape

  Omoplata Escape

  Omoplata Escape With Knee On Belly

  Guillotine Escape

  Arm in Arm Out Guillotine Escape

  Escape from Closed Guard Guillotine

  Straight Foot Lock Escape

  Choke Escape

  Kimura Escape From Over Under Pass

As you can see this series is LOADED with tips and tricks you’ll be able to use right away.

You know you need the “Escapes From Anywhere” 4-DVD set, so the next question is… How Much???

Well, what is it worth to learn the secrets that are finally going to allow you to regain the upper hand in a match that before would have been hopelessly lost??

This is the most comprehensive escape BJJ video series on the market. The legendary Bernardo Faria is going to draw back the curtain and let you in on the secrets he’s perfected through years of hard work.

We’d ask how much do you think it would cost to get a personal instructional from the reigning world champ but we won’t bother – he’s so in demand right now you couldn’t get one even if you wanted to!

So again, how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience?

We could easily have charged $197 and it would have been a bargain. But we’re not going to do that.

Instead, cut that price by more than 60%! That’s right…

You can get the Bernardo Faria DVD escape series, “Escapes From Anywhere” – in which he reveals all his secrets – for just… $77

There’s one other not-so-small detail…

Bernardo is very proud of his training and the tips contained herein. For that reason, there is a LIMITED supply of these videos! So if you want to ensure your copy, you MUST act now.

Limited amount printed – when they are gone- they are gone