One of my favorite techniques in no-gi is the Arm-Drag. I love to do arm drags from the standing and also from the ground.

For this blog post I made a video showing how to do the arm drag from the butterfly. Even though the butterfly guard is not my favorite position, I believe that for no-gi, everyone should know at least enough about the Butterfly, because in no-gi we don’t have grips, therefore it is harder to control our opponent.

Every time the fighter on top disengages and walks back, probably the fighter on bottom will end up in the Butterfly, so that’s why I believe that the butterfly is really one of the most important positions in no-gi. Everyone should know at least one technique such as the arm drag from the butterfly guard to have a complete game.

I like the Arm Drag, because as we saw in some previous blog posts: the arm drag from standing and the color drag are two of my favorite techniques, so to transfer it to the Butterfly is not a tough task.

If you know how to do some good arm drags from any type of position, it will be much easier for you to do arm drags from other situations too.

Here below is the video where I teach how to do the Arm Drag from the Butterfly Guard. I hope you guys enjoy it.


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